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Are you still using cotton mops for your built up roofing projects? Click here now and find out why fiberglass mops are easier to use and more economical than cotton mops.

Kirby Fiberglass, Inc. is a complete manufacturing facility producing high quality fiberglass mops for built up roofing and fiberglass brushes for coating application. All of our products are designed with the professional roofing contractor's needs in mind.

They are reusable and increase productivity with their ease of use making them the smart economical choice. See: Cotton vs Fiberglass

Are you still using rollers for coating application of aluminum, elastomerics, and emulsions? Click here now and find out why contractors switch to our specialized fiberglass applicator brush.

Kirby Fiberglass the #1 choice for the highest quality fiberglass mops and fiberglass brushes for the roofing industry. All of our products are made from recycled fibers and can be reused for multiple days making them the best sustainable tool to use for hot asphalt or coating applications.

Spontaneous Combustion of Roofers’ Mops - Actual NRCA report on Cotton Mops starting fires by way of Spontaneous Combustion.

Currently supplying roofing products nationwide including our new locations in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale Florida and Dallas, Texas!

Popular Fiberglass Mops

We provide a complete line of fiberglass mops for the asphalt application for built up roof systems.

  1. K.F. Applicator Mop - Signature Kirby Fiberglass Mop
  2. K.F. Circle / K.F. Screwhead Mops
  3. One Day/Disposable Mops

Fiberglass Brush Applicator

The Optimum Fiberglass Brush Applicator

Royal Kirby Applicator Brush

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